Vixva IT Solutions

Features at a glance

Cloud Inventory System

Stock Management

Ability to manage stock level at all times and adjust inventory and re-order quantity.

Multi Stores Management

Ability to manage stocks by managing several of your businesses or several branches of the same business separately in the same system.

Bar Code Scanning

Ability to customize barcodes, read barcodes printed on products, customize invoice, Create and print your own barcode label.

Monthly Reports

Ability to view monthly and daily reports on business transactions.


Stock re-order quantity, Advance notice of payments due to customers and Receipts from them.

Product Warranty

Ability to select a time period of your choice and record it in the Invoices by issuing warranty certificates for the goods.

Purchasing & Purchase return

Ability to record purchases and returns from suppliers.

Payment Options

Ability to make all transactions through different payment methods.

Sales & Sell returns

Ability to manage inventory by recording merchandise sales and resale receipts.

Sales Commissions

Ability to pay sales commission on invoice value on behalf of sales commission agents.


Because it simply demonstrates the performance of the business, it makes it easier to make business decisions.

Barcode Printing

Ability to customize barcodes and create and print your own barcode label.

Stock Adjustments

Easy to manage and manage stocks by making stock adjustments, exchanges etc.

Bundle/Combo Products

Achieve special benefits by using the combo products feature whenever a service is provided with a product.

Manage and monitor your business effectively and efficiently