Vixva IT Solutions

Code of Conduct

We are at VIXVA IT are committed to provide reliable, innovative, customer friendly service through state of art technology and focus continuously on productivity improvement whilst developing our staff. Seeking new ideas and driving them to generate and implement innovative solutions to enhance customer satisfaction. Applying the highest standards of excellence to the products we develop, the services we deliver and the relationships we build with our corporate partners

We respect our employees and their human rights.

  • Wages and salaries will be paid as agreed and on time. We will recognize good performance and extra efforts.
  • We work for the elimination of child labor within our sphere of influence. The minimum age for working in our operations is 18 years, and not younger than the compulsory school age in individual countries
  • We do not allow illegal or forced labor in our own operations or in the operations of our suppliers or any other parties with whom we cooperate.

Development of human capital

  • Our fundamental principle is that we will provide appropriate training to improve skill levels.
  • All employees are responsible for their personal development of skills and capabilities.
  • In accordance with business needs, we will provide the opportunity to improve our employees’ capabilities to develop their professional skills and enhance their social and economic opportunities.
  • Competence development activities shall aim at creating the right conditions to fulfill present and future requirements.


  • VIXVA Enterprises is committed to working with suppliers who adhere to our quality requirements and business principles.
  • We will strive to support positive changes about quality, the environment and the work environment.
  • We will insist that suppliers follow legal requirements and work actively to reduce negative environmental and health impacts from processes, services and products.
  • We will encourage suppliers to implement certifiable quality and environmental management systems.
  • We will support and continuously monitor the performance of our suppliers.
  • If a supplier is found not to be following to an agreed specification, we will consider appropriate actions, including demands for corrective measures, or termination of the relationship.

Product quality and safety

  • Our fundamental principle is to take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety and quality of the goods we supply.
  • Our products shall meet agreed and legal standards for customer health and safety, including health warnings, product safety and information labels.
  • We will offer sufficient, accurate and clear information regarding our products’ content, safe use, maintenance, storage, and disposal to enable our customers to make informed decisions.
  • We will provide transparent and effective procedures to address customer complaints and contribute to a fair and timely resolution of customer disputes, without undue cost or burden.
  • Our ambition is to assess, and address in our decision making, the foreseeable environmental, health, and safety related effects associated with our main products over their full life cycle.

Supporting communities

  • We will strive to hire and develop local employees and managers.
  • We will promote local contributions to activities in the local communities.
  • We will prioritize sponsorship agreements that benefit the societies and environments where we conduct our operations, and which support our values and strengthen our relations with customers and partners.
  • We shall not make contributions to political parties or committees or to individual politicians.