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IT Consulting as a success factor for your Business IT strategy

Important business decisions are not based purely on gut instinct. They are the result of carefully observing long-term trends. Businesses that value sustainable and enduring partnerships are more likely to place their trust. in companies with a history of commercial stability. In an IT Consulting market characterized by corporate takeovers and a lack of transparency, Vixva IT Solutions offers. you the stability of being part of a successful international corporate group.
Apart from IT consulting, we provides consulting services in the areas of Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain Management and Operations Management to  optimize the business strategies.

We strive to exceed our customer expectations

by way of offering the best products and services for total professionalism whilst. adhering to strict cost control methods in all processes. With many years history of consulting practice, Vixva IT Solutions is the undisputed. leader in the IT consulting services sector in Sri Lanka. In today’s fast evolving technological environment, VIXVA IT Advisers not only provides relevant insights. but delivers a combination of strategic vision, proven expertise, and practical experience – can enhance. the value of your business with technology.


Even in this rapidly changing sector, you will find our approach is still based on strong, traditional values. Continuity, honesty, and courtesy are an integral part of our corporate philosophy; integrity and trustworthiness are merits we genuinely believe in. VIXVA IT Solution works in partnership with clients, advising them how to use information technology in order to meet their business objectives. IT